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  Motorcycle Safety Tips Quiz  

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Motorcycle Safety Tips Quiz

Please answer the questions below to test your understanding of motorcycle safety. Once you have selected an answer for each question, click the Check Answers button at the bottom to view your results. You will have the option of printing a Certificate of Completion to be used for discounts at particpating dealerships. Check your local dealerships for participation.

  1. What is one of the best ways to increase your skills as a motorcycle rider?
    1. Join a motorcycle riding organization
    2. Learn to ride from a friend or family member
    3. Take a formal riding course
    4. Practice on your own while relying on experience

  2. The main principles of safe curve negotiation are:
    1. Look where you want to go, use the front brake to adjust speed in the curve, and open the throttle up wide as you exit the curve
    2. Keep your head level with the horizon, use the rear brake only, and disengage the clutch to coast through the curve
    3. Look 15 feet in front of you, heavily apply both brakes in the curve, and open the throttle wide as you exit the curve.
    4. Keep your head level with the horizon and your eyes pointed to where you want the bike to go, select a safe speed prior to entering the curve, and gradually throttle up as you exit the curve

  3. Peer pressure from riders within your group can lead to you riding outside your comfort zone, too fast for your experience level, and beyond the capabilities of you and your motorcycle.
    1. True
    2. False

  4. Good relative positioning to other vehicles and within your own lane reduces the chances of you:
    1. Being struck by another vehicle
    2. Falling into another vehicle's blind spot
    3. Being less visible at hazardous intersections
    4. All of the above

  5. Riding a motorcycle defensively can be characterized by which of the following phrases?
    1. Hope for the best, plan for the worst
    2. The best form of training is experience
    3. Drive like you are invisible
    4. Both A and C

  6. What percentage of motorcyclists killed in motorcycle-related crashes did not have the proper classification or "M" class?
    1. None of them had the proper class
    2. 33%
    3. 11%
    4. All of them had the proper classification

  7. At 60 mph, a motorcycle will cover 88 feet in one second. What technique can be used to reduce your reaction time in avoiding hazards at potentially dangerous intersections?
    1. Covering your brakes
    2. Riding next to another vehicle
    3. Opening the throttle
    4. Swerving

  8. To prevent target fixation, you should keep your head level with the horizon and your eyes pointed toward ____________.
    1. Where you want the motorcycle and yourself to go
    2. 20 feet in front of your current position
    3. The scenery around you
    4. Both B and C

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