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  Illinois State Police Citizen Complaint Procedures  

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A citizen can file a complaint by contacting any Illinois State Police district headquarters or by speaking directly to an Illinois State Police employee. Complaints may also be filed through the Office of the Governor of the state of Illinois, or the Illinois State Police, Division of Internal Investigation. Effective January 1, 2006, an amendment to the State Police Act, 20 ILCS 2610/14, requires that anyone filing a complaint against a State Police Officer must have the complaint supported by a sworn affidavit. Therefore all Complaint Against Department Member forms must be notarized. Information for filing a complaint and downloading a complaint form is available at the following website:

When a complaint is filed, the following procedures are activated:

1. Complaint Initiation

When misconduct is observed or complaints/information relative to misconduct are received by a member of the Illinois State Police, the department member will immediately notify a supervisor and prepare a written report to be forwarded through the chain of command containing information received, observations, and action taken. The supervisor or command officer who first receives the information of the alleged violation will ensure the citizen is aware of the complaint process and has been provided a Complaint Against Department Member form (ISP3-23). The supervisor or command officer will ensure the complaint against department member form has been properly completed and notarized by the complainant prior to forwarding the complaint.

Illinois Compiled Statutes, sections 720 ILCS 5/31-4 and 5/26-1, state it is a criminal offense for any person to knowingly submit false information or transmit false information to a peace/public officer knowing there is no reasonable grounds that such offense has been committed.

The Illinois State Police, Division of Internal Investigation, will be contacted by the District/Zone Commander, Bureau Chief or their designee and informed of the complaint. The Division of Internal Investigation will determine who will be responsible for conducting an investigation and assign a case number to the complaint.

2. Investigative Process

The officer assigned to investigate a complaint against department employee will contact all complainants and witnesses as soon as possible. It is in everyone’s best interest that the complainant is cooperative with the investigating offi cer so the complaint can be thoroughly investigated. The investigating offi cer may request a written statement from the complainant and witnesses. These statements will assist the investigator in conducting a fair, impartial, timely, and thorough investigation. The investigating officer will prepare a summary of the investigation and forward the fi ndings through his/her chain of command. However, the investigating officer does not make recommendations regarding the disposition of the complaint or disciplinary matters involving the affected employee.

3. Time Frame of Investigations

The scope of the investigation will be determined by the seriousness of the allegation and by the number of persons involved. Investigations may take several weeks depending on the complexity of the case. Investigators make every attempt to conduct personal interviews with complainants, witnesses, or employees while conducting the investigation. A criminal investigation may require the cooperation of federal or state prosecutors. The Illinois State Police will not arbitrarily delay an investigation.

4. Discipline Procedures

If the allegations involve criminal conduct on the part of the employee, an independent criminal investigation will be conducted by the Division of Internal Investigation. The fi ndings of these type of investigations are forwarded to either the federal or state prosecutor for consideration of criminal charges.

Illinois State Police civilian employees are covered by a variety of collective bargaining agreements and administrative rules established by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services.

5. Illinois State Police Merit Board

The Illinois State Police Merit Board exercises jurisdiction over the certification for appointment, promotion, discipline, removal/termination, demotion, and suspension of those appointed as Illinois State Police officers. The Merit Board is comprised of five members appointed by the Governor.

When the Illinois State Police Director fi les a complaint with the Merit Board requesting discipline exceeding 30-days or discharge from the department, the Merit Board appoints a hearing officer to conduct a public hearing. The hearing officer will listen to testimony and review evidence regarding the specific complaint. The complainant and witnesses may be subpoenaed to testify at such a hearing. The hearing officer will forward the findings to the Merit Board for consideration in its decision which is based on a preponderance of the evidence.

6. Employee Rights

When an Illinois State Police officer is the subject of an investigation which could result in discipline, the offi cer is afforded certain rights. A copy of the signed complaint is provided to the officer who is the subject of the investigation prior to his/her administrative interview. An officer who receives discipline may appeal the decision.

7. Notification to Complainant

When the investigation into a complaint is concluded, the complainant will be notified by a letter of the findings. The letter will not specify the exact nature of the disposition, but it will indicate whether the employee’s actions were found to be appropriate. If there is disciplinary action, the letter will state appropriate corrective measures have been taken.

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