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  Illinois State Police News Release   

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Illinois State Police Honors Outstanding Personnel At 35th Annual Awards Ceremony

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Press Release Date: August 1, 2012    || Archived February 11, 2013

 Trooper Marvin Wagle, Cheryl Clodfelter, Stacie Speith Take Top Honors

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois State Police (ISP) Director Hiram Grau and statewide command staff today recognized and honored dozens of Illinois State Police personnel and outside agencies during the Department’s 35th Annual Awards Ceremony at Glenwood High School in Chatham.

Every year, the Department pays tribute to personnel who demonstrate exceptional bravery, outstanding acts of judgment or other achievements that extend beyond the requirements of a normal work assignment.

Award nominee qualifications are presented to the Illinois State Police Awards Committee for consideration.  Committee command staff members from the Director’s Office, Division of Internal Investigations, Division of Forensic Services, Division of Operations, and Division of Administration select awardees based on Department criteria.

Top honors went to Trooper Marvin W. Wagle - Officer of the Year, Ms. Cheryl N. Clodfelter - Telecommunicator of the Year, and Ms. Stacie L. Speith - Forensic Scientist of the Year.

“Today’s Awards Ceremony is one of the Agency’s most important events because it gives us an opportunity to recognize outstanding skill and ability at every level,” said ISP Director Hiram Grau.  “The leadership and professionalism performed by our sworn members and civilian employees make this noble organization one of the best in the country.  All of the 2012 nominees have contributed greatly in their areas of assignment,” Grau added. 

Awardee Profiles:

Officer of the Year, Trooper Marvin W. Wagle, has been assigned to District 7 since graduating from the ISP Academy. Trooper Wagle has demonstrated outstanding skill, ability and professionalism in the performance of his duty.  Specifically, he understands the root causes for fatal crashes and addresses them with consistent enforcement and education on a daily basis.  His exceptional knowledge and ability to complete his job functions are unmatched.  Last year, Trooper Wagle ranked first in DUI, and other alcohol related arrests, second in seat belt and total citations, third in traffic stops, and fifth in criminal arrests in his District. 

He particularly excels in DUI enforcement.  He was the second leading officer in DUI arrests for the Department and held the sixth position within the state.  Local drinking establishments praised Trooper Wagle for his pursuit in preventing alcohol related crashes and fatalities. 

Trooper Wagle strives for perfection and works diligently to make Illinois communities safe. He is self-motivated and always willing to assume additional responsibilities. 

Telecommunicator of the Year, Ms. Cheryl N. Clodfelter, is a 12-year civilian veteran of the Illinois State Police.  Clodfelter has been nominated for the award four times.  She is an exceptional employee who has earned the respect of her peers and subordinates, as well as sworn officers.  Ms. Clodfelter has demonstrated outstanding skill, ability and professionalism in the performance of her duties and can be counted on to make excellent decisions during stressful situations.

She is reliable and understands the Agency’s priorities.  Her calm and confident demeanor is comforting to fellow employees.  She has a positive attitude and continually shares her knowledge with other employees and other local departments. 

Ms. Clodfelter is relentless in the pursuit of additional information to assist officers with arrests or investigations.  She is a valued and loyal employee, possessing a strong personal commitment for excellence.  Her outstanding achievements have contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of communications and she consistently performs her duties with outstanding diligence and judgment. 

Forensic Scientist of the Year, Ms. Stacie L. Speith, is a Forensic Scientist III at the Southern Illinois Forensic Science Centre.  Her dedication, integrity, leadership, and pride are evidenced by the quantity and quality of the work she produces as a forensic biologist and DNA analyst.  In 2011, she worked 147 DNA cases and 91 forensic biology cases, generating enough cases to rank her as one of the highest producing forensic scientists in the ISP Forensic Biology/DNA Section.

Ms. Speith’s leadership qualities were demonstrated in 2011, by her involvement as the Outsourcing Coordinator for the laboratory. Due to new legislation, this program outsources previously un-submitted sexual assault cases.  Ms. Speith singlehandedly reviewed and addressed 81 case files from the outsourcing vendor.  This included ensuring appropriate DNA data was successfully entered into the CODIS database (Combined DNA Index System), providing investigators with new leads.  Ms. Speith serves as the CODIS Administrator for the laboratory.  This involves the review of all CODIS matches, maintenance of the CODIS server, updating procedural changes, and reporting probative hits.  Last year 48 CODIS reports were issued.

Her commitment to the agencies served by the Southern Illinois Forensic Science Centre is commendable. Ms. Speith has an excellent working relationship with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.  She is respected for her expertise in training police officers and attorneys on interpreting laboratory results. 

Medal Awards Include:

The Lifesaving Medal is awarded to Illinois State Police personnel who perform actions or who apply techniques that result in saving or sustaining a human life.  Honorees include:

  • Trooper Gregory D. Bowers
  • Trooper Michael W. Conner
  • Trooper Michael A. Ferguson
  • Special Agent Jeffrey R. File
  • Trooper Kevin P. McGrenera
  • Trooper Joel E. Panganiban
  • Master Sergeant Juan O. Morales
  • Trooper Peter P. Skiba
  • Sergeant Matthew E. Swanson

The Meritorious Service Medal is presented to Illinois State Police personnel who have made outstanding achievements contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department by consistently performing their duties with skill, diligence, productivity, judgment and responsibility. These achievements must be beyond the requirements of the normal work assignment.  Honoree includes:

  • Mr. William Hendrickson

The Director’s Award of Distinction is presented to any individual, agency, or group outside the Illinois State Police who gave extraordinary support and assistance to accomplish the goals of the Department.  Honorees include:

  • Mr. Michael E. Bielski
  • Mr. Gary Brashear
  • Officer Jillian C. Regalado
  • Mr. George Stecz
  • Ms. Priscilla Tobias
  • Mr. Mike Whalen

Officers nominated for the ISP Officer of the Year must display a combination of the following qualifications and characteristics: outstanding contribution in the area of assignment; valor in the line of duty; exceptional knowledge and ability to complete job functions; overall productivity; civic contributions; and professional appearance and demeanor.

Officer of the Year Nominees Include:   

  • Trooper Jacob W. Scroggins, District 1 
  • Trooper Derek M. Cowan, District 2
  • Trooper Patrick J. Manno, District Chicago  
  • Sergeant Matthew J. Wierzbinski, District 5 
  • Trooper Michael R. Kliss, District 6 
  • Trooper Marvin W. Wagle, District 7    
  • Trooper Wesley M. Matarelli, District 8  
  • Trooper Dustin E. Weiss, District 9  
  • Trooper Anthony J. Micele, District 10 
  • Trooper Beau N. Marlow, District 11 
  • Trooper William H. Fritchley, District 12 
  • Trooper Brian Wilson, District 13 
  • Trooper Lance R. Bonney, District 14 
  • Trooper Jonathan R. Hand, District 15 
  • Trooper Brent C. Massingill, District 16
  • Trooper Brian J. Lewis, District 17
  • Trooper Jeremy Walk, District 18 
  • Trooper James A. Reeder, District 19 
  • Trooper Brandon M. Douglas, District 20 
  • Trooper Steven M. Sigler, District 21
  • Trooper Mark L. Nelson, District 22 
  • Sergeant Gilberto G. Gutierrez, Zone 1
  • Sergeant Jeffery S. Mannix, Zone 2
  • Special Agent Michael P. Murphy, Zone 3
  • Sergeant David C. Stenger, Zone 4
  • Special Agent Kimberly A. Cessna, Zone 5
  • Sergeant Jamie L. Brunworth, Zone 6
  • Special Agent Jonathan M. Edwards, Zone 7
  • Special Agent Eddie J. Vaughn, Operational Services Command
  • Trooper Chad H. Hewitt, Intelligence Command
  • Trooper William A. Skrobul, Special Operations Command
  • Trooper Virgil R. Perkins,  Division of Forensic Services
  • Special Agent Barbee J. Braddy, Division of Internal Investigation
  • Sergeant Eric Helton, Division of Administration

Telecommunicators nominated for the ISP Telecommunicator of the Year must display a combination of the following qualifications and characteristics:  outstanding contribution in the area of assignment; exceptional knowledge and ability to complete job functions; initiative to expand knowledge through attendance in college courses or seminars; civic contributions; and professional appearance and demeanor.

Telecommunicator of the Year Nominees includes:

  • Ms. Mindy R. Starr, District 1
  • Ms. Karla Carey, District 2
  • Ms. Ann G. Mueller, District Chicago
  • Ms. Christine D. Asuega, District 5
  • Ms. Joni L. Henrichs, District 6
  • Ms. Brenda S. Landheer, District 7
  • Ms. Peggy J. Cooper (Retired), District 8
  • Ms. Jeanne D. Lewis, Springfield Communications Center
  • Ms. Ann M. Hart, District 10
  • Ms. Deann Rizzi, District 11
  • Ms. Susan M. Zerrusen, District 12
  • Ms. Tammy S. Hutchinson, District 13
  • Ms. Becky L. Crabill, District 14
  • Mr. Bryan Walston, District 15
  • Ms. Dana Hendriksen, District 16
  • Ms. Jacqueline Ferguson, District 17
  • Ms. Sarah B. Richey, District 18
  • Ms. Cheryl N. Clodfelter, District 19
  • Ms. Sarah J. Barker, District 20
  • Ms. Linda M. Williams, District 21
  • Ms. Rhonda L. Baker, District 22

Nominees for the ISP Forensic Scientist of the Year Award must display a combination of the following qualifications and characteristics:  superior performance of an individual regarding casework; superior job performance; actions which exceed every day operations; and extraordinary community service or exceptional community involvement.

Forensic Scientist of the Year Nominees Include:

  • Ms. Christine Aper, Rockford Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Ms. Jamie L. Edwards, Joliet Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Ms. Amanda L. Humke, Springfield Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Mr. Dustin Johnson, Morton Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Ms. Amanda K. Shanbaum, Forensic Science Center At Chicago
  • Ms. Stacie L. Speith, Southern Illinois Forensic Science Centre
  • Mr. Brian Stevenson, Metro-East Forensic Science Laboratory 

Illinois State Police Director Hiram Grau welcomed this year’s recipients, family members, command staff members, and other attendees and congratulated the awardees for their exemplary service to the citizens of Illinois. 

The Illinois State Police Pipes and Drums led the processional, followed by the ISP Honor Guard.  The ISP Chaplain, Reverend Don Pritchard, performed the invocation and benediction.

35th Annual Awards Top Honors

Trooper Marvin W. Wagle
Trooper Marvin W. Wagle
Ms. Cheryl N. Clodfelter
Ms. Cheryl N. Clodfelter
Stacie L. Speith
Stacie L. Speith

2012 Annual Department Awards Ceremony program

For more information contact:
Public Information Office
Telephone: (217) 782-6637
TDD: (800) 255-3323

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