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  Firearm Owner's Identification Information  

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The Illinois State Police (ISP), Firearms Services Bureau, (FSB) has received a record number of FOID card applications since May 2012. For example, in January 2013, the ISP FSB, received 61,172 FOID applications. As a comparison, in January 2012, the ISP FSB, received 31,655, which had been the highest number of FOID applications received during the month of January in years prior to 2012.

Accordingly, the ISP encourages applicants to allow ample time for production and delivery of their new/renewed cards.

  • Renewal applications are processed the same and require a like review as new applications received. Therefore, it is recommended FOID card holders send in a renewal application well in advance of the expiration of the current FOID card to ensure no disruption of FOID card validity.

  • Submitting applications through a third party can serve to further delay the receipt and review of a FOID application, as well as the production and delivery of a FOID card. Applications should be submitted directly to the ISP FSB, at the post office box listed on the application.

  • Submitting attachments with the FOID application can serve to further delay the receipt and review of a FOID application, as well as the production and delivery of a FOID card. Only the required application and proof of legal guardianship, if applicable, should be submitted directly to the ISP FSB.

  • Discrepancies between information - such as name, address, date of birth, etc… - listed on the FOID application and that of the applicant’s driver’s license must be reconciled before the FOID application can be approved. The ISP strongly recommends correcting such differences with the Secretary of State before applying for a new/renewed FOID card.

In an effort to expedite calls to the ISP FSB, regarding a pending FOID application, applicants are encouraged to have the 8-digit FOID number, which was stamped on the face of their cashed check.

  • For these reasons, the preferred method of remittance is through a personal or cashier’s check rather than a money order.

  • Cash is not accepted and will be returned, which will serve to further delay the receipt and review of a FOID application.

  • Only the applicant will be provided information concerning the status of their FOID application.

The ISP reminds Illinois residents:

  • If your FOID card expired, you may not purchase ammunition until your new FOID card is issued; and

  • It is a petty offense to possess weapons when the FOID card is expired for less than 6 months and the applicant is not otherwise disqualified from owning, purchasing, or possessing weapons. However, if the FOID card is expired for more than 6 months or the applicant is disqualified from owning, purchasing, or possessing weapons, the class of offense and penalties are increased. Law enforcement officers have the ability to check the status of a FOID card holder’s application before taking enforcement action.

The ISP encourages Illinois residents to lawfully store their weapons, especially during times when their FOID cards are expired.

Questions may be directed to the ISP FOID Section by phone at 217-782-7980 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

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